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I’m Massiel Felix, a skilled realtor with a passion forhelping clients soar through their fears and hurdles in Real Estate deals. My husband and I have been residing in the beautiful city of Las Cruces since 2005. In 2006, we decided to jointly open a restaurant business called, ‘Habanero’s Fresh Mex, LLC’, which is still striving rapidly till date.

Though I discovered my passion for Real estate in 2008,I had to stick to the restaurant business since it was ourpersonalgoal. However, since the companyis currently booming, I now have the opportunity to pursue my own career goal.

At the moment, I’m an associate broker for Bright Skies Realty LLC, -a Real Estate solutions company founded on the basis of professionalismanddedicated to purchasing, maintaining and selling multiple investment properties throughout Las Cruces and its environs. Assomeone with strong work ethics and honesty, Iconstantlydemonstratepersistence and resourcefulness in finding and creating innovative solutions that support and assist Bright SkiesRealty.

The restaurant business taught me four significantbusiness ethics; honesty, friendliness, dependability, and hard work; traits I now strategically apply when dealing with my real estate clients. I’malways thrilledabout helping buyers or sellersgain the benefit they deserve in their business transactions.I will provide a FREE market analysis with no obligation to list.

Equipped with a high consultative Real estate IQ, I can quickly through conversing with potential clients ascertain their needs and resolve them to the highest efficiency. I’m a result-driven seller that gives attention-to-detail in providing you with unique properties that best suits your lifestyle, family,andgoals.

I enjoy giving back to my community, so I commit my time and resources to train, help and positively impactthe lives of many in the community. I’mpresently a volunteer ata local non-profit organization to help them raise funds and also in their kitchen by cooking and collecting monies.

My dynamic personality motivates meto take the extra step instaying unique and reaching myaspirations

License Number: 51670
OFFICE:  575-556-9829
MOBILE:  ‭575-621-0555‬
EMAIL: massiel@therealestatefirm.com


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