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Retiring in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Why Las Cruces should be your First Choice for Retirement

Known as the second-largest city in New Mexico and found in the southern part of the state, the city is fortunate to have been listed by many different organizations to be the best place to retire. Besides the breathtaking sunsets, unique residential homes, mountain views, great living conditions, and a major university. Las Cruces has much to offer to its retirement community. 

As the southernmost urban area in New Mexico and the second-largest city, Las Cruces is certainly a diverse place for travelers and residents alike. As a community that strives in agriculture, you can expect less traffic which is considered as a bonus when considering top areas for retirement.

What else could be unique about this city? Let’s keep reading to find out:

  • Perfect Social/Cultural Environment: With combined influences from Native American, Mexican, Spanish, and American cultures. The city of Las Cruces is home to a culturally rich and social environment, that continues to strive to this day. With the presence of art galleries, festivals, and fiestas practically every weekend, there’s always a place where you can experience how diverse the area is.
  • Plenty of Space: Retirees don’t have to bother about space here in the city. New Mexico has a low population counting at just over 2 million people which makes it a great choice for seniors looking to escape the highly populated and obvious retirement states of New York Florida and Arizona for this calm and amazing land.
  • Affordable Cost of Living: Considering the option to retire in Las Cruces is worth a while. When taking the cost of living here in comparison with nationwide prices you’ll see every reason why this is a perfect place for you. Las Cruces has a reputation for its affordable living cost which is seen about 8.6% lower than the national average. Comfortable and affordable living is just one of the city’s many appealing assets. Houses aren’t left behind, the average cost of a home in New Mexico is seen at $151,000 which is way lower than other neighboring states.
  • Quality Hospitals: The greatest asset we can ever get is health. Access to premium health care services can be gotten by a stone throw. Las Cruces has a wide range of medical facilities with world-class care from multiple specialists and providers. Two state-of-the-art hospitals serve the area (Memorial Medical Center and Mountain View Regional), and many other clinics, labs, and specialists throughout the community.
  • Scenic Beauty: not many places are left in the United States where you can live and yet be surrounded by nationally protected lands. Las Cruces happens to be one of these locations. Being home to the Organ Mountains, Desert Peak National Monument practically circles the city and was created to protect the area’s scenic beauty. The Organ Mountains are also home to unique wildlife and plants.
  • Beautiful Weather: A city that experiences warm weather almost year-round and Las Cruces citizens benefit with wonderful weather every season. With an average of 294 sunny days annually and relatively low humidity, this is the perfect place for retirees to settle down and live in comfort.

Still, have some doubts about whether or not you should retire in Las Cruces? Contact The Real Estate Firm and let’s talk about the benefits of living in Las Cruces.


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