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What Is a Las Cruces Luxury Home, and What Makes them So Special?

What Is a Las Cruces Luxury Home, and What Makes them So Special?

imaginima/iStock By Lisa Johnson Mandell | Jan 4, 2017 If you’ve ever looked over real estate listings and came across an ad for a “luxury home,” you might have thought, “Wow, this one must be special!” But what exactly defines a luxury home, anyway? Is it determined by price, location, square footage, or some magic combination of all of the above? Well, […]

Buying or Selling your home in Las Cruces requires Packing for your move!

Tips for Packing and Making Your Move The excitement of a new home comes with the hassles of packing your stuff and moving in. And that means one more decision: Hire movers or do it yourself. As you weigh your options, you’ll want to consider both budget and logistics such as distance and time. A […]

Moving to Las Cruces | Las Cruces Events

Moving to Las Cruces | Las Cruces Events

Las Cruces is constituently voted “The Best Place to Retire” and “the Best Place to Raise Children”. Once you have read, followed, liked and indexed the internet and everything Las Cruces. With all the websites having different events, posts and tweets, we wanted to help by listing all the major websites, newspapers and calendar of […]

New Home Builders in Las Cruces

New Home Builders in Las Cruces

There are plenty of general contractors in Las Cruces, but these new home builders are a step above the rest. These Las Cruces home builders are established, cultivated sub-divisions throughout Las Cruces. Below are snippets from the Las Cruces new home builders websites   KT Homes: When Ken Thurston founded KT Homes over 30 years […]

Las Cruces Luxury Homes | Las Cruces Real Estate Blog

Las Cruces Luxury Homes | Las Cruces Real Estate Blog

Luxury Homes in Las Cruces have several things in common: location, views and price. Locations: Most of the luxury homes in Las Cruces can be found in three areas of Las Cruces: Talavera (behind A mountain), Picacho Hills (also called Picacho Mountain) and Sonoma Ranch. These locations offer different views to their residents.   Talavera […]

Las Cruces Real Estate – New Home Loan Lender

Las Cruces Real Estate talks with Priscilla Lara who is a Mortgage Loan Originator in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Miriam Alcala goes over what a Mortgage Loan Originator and how Priscilla Lara helps Las Cruces Residents. Miriam and Priscilla also go over several programs (FHA, VA, MFA, First Time Home Buyers) for Las Cruces Home […]

Retiring to Las Cruces?

Las Cruces captures the quiet heart of a small town while offering the convenience of a city. Now I know The Real Estate Firm is biased to this wonderful city (read our blog post Thinking about retiring in Las Cruces Blog). But don’t take our word for it see what other websites and publications are […]

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